Purge (An Action And Thrill Short Film By Ayush Jain)

Purge (An Action And Thrill Short Film By Ayush Jain) Out Now



Purge is a short film Directed/Shot/Edited by AJN Effect’s Ayush Jain (http://facebook.com/EffectsByAJN). Purge is shot in zero budget, and in an extremely short amount of time, with only friends volunteering to help out as the crew and casting! Purge is an exercise in how professional a project can be with as little resources as possible.

And this movie is inspired by Ryan Connolly’s Losses.

The one major advantage the production had was the location (Hallmark) to shoot in. Huge thanks to our sponsor Hallmark that let me have used their property to shot.
And also thanks to PICASSO Animation College too.

Executive producer:
Pradeep Gupta
Kamal Arora

Ravinder Kanwar
Bhupesh Singh
Ashok Meheta

VFX by
Ayush Jain

Sound editing/Mix:
Ayush Jain

Rajarshi Swarnkar
Shaurya Naudiyal
Jatin Dhyani
Jerry Jacob Jose
Simranjeet Karon

Camera Provided By:
Rakesh Choudhury

Bhupesh Singh
Ravinder Kanwar
Ashok Mehta
Rupak kumar
Kamal Arora
Deepak Jain
Jerry Jacob Jose
Dipankar das
Simranjeet karon

Special Thanks to:
Kamal Arora
Pradeep Gupta
Vishwajeet Sarkar
Ankit Gupta


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