Behind The Scenes of “Purge”. #EffectsSummer.

This is the Behind The Scenes of My New Action Short Film Called “Purge”. This Is An Ajn Effects Film Which Is Directed By Ayush Jain. Purge Movie Is An “Effects Summer’s” Movie. Purge  Is Coming Soon On Web.. Get Ready Guys.
For Now Here Are Some Behind The Scenes Images Of Purge Short Film.


DSC_0081.MOV.Still001 DSCN8796 DSCN8798 DSCN8802 DSCN8805 DSCN8808 DSCN8809 DSCN8810 IMG_20150513_214643_HDR IMG_20150513_215356_HDR IMG_20150513_215424 Sequence 01.Still003 Sequence 01.Still004 Sequence 01.Still005 Sequence 01.Still006 Sequence 01.Still007 Sequence 01.Still008 Sequence 01.Still009 Sequence 01.Still010 Untitled Untitled1 Untitled11 Untitled111 Untitled1111 Untitled11111 Untitled111111 Untitled1111111

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